Health Systems Strengthening

As Baylor-Uganda, we believe in sustainability in all our implementation of programs and as such, we work through the health systems blocks of health financing, health information systems, laboratory services, capacity […]

HIV Prevention

Prevention of HIV/AIDS globally has and still is a cornerstone in the fight against the HIV epidemic. Baylor Uganda leverages its implementation approach on evidence-based HIV prevention combination strategies to […]

HIV Care & Treatment

As the world strives to end morbidity and mortality due to HIV/AIDS, Baylor-Uganda complements these global efforts through implementing data-driven approaches under all its projects. Guided by the national treatment […]

Global Health Security

Directorate overview The Global Health Security Program focuses on Improving Health Security and Building International Health Regulations core capacities in the Republic of Uganda. The Directorate aims to strengthen country-level […]

Key & Priority Populations

Baylor Uganda has been implementing the the prevention for key and priority populations programme since 2018. KP Programming set out plans for COP20 including hotspot mapping and size estimation, KP […]