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HIV Prevention

Prevention of HIV/AIDS globally has and still is a cornerstone in the fight against the HIV epidemic. Baylor Uganda leverages its implementation approach on evidence-based HIV prevention combination strategies to include; Structural, Biomedical, and Behavioral. Guided by annual population-based targets from our funders, we work through government structures and health care providers to provide voluntary medical male circumcision (VMMC), Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), as well as prevention of mother to child transmission initiatives as recommended by the Ugandan ministry of Health. We also engage community level structures to conduct mobilisation and sensitisation of our target population for VMMC and PrEP as a way of increasing uptake of HIV prevention services. W optimise the use of community health workers, VMMC male champions as well as local council leaders in our community initiatives. We utilise peers of users of PrEP and peer mothers to scale up PrEP and PMTCT services respectively. Our focus in not only targeting high risk and priority populations but to offer services tailored to the locations where the need is. One of our projects; TASO-Global fund targets adolescent girls and young women and aims to reduce the risk of HIV acquisition by empowering them with adequate and appropriate knowledge as well as equipping them with life skills. Specific contributions towards HIV prevention can be obtained in the rest of our projects; ACE-FORT in mid-eastern, ACE-Bunyoro in western and USAID-LPS-E in Eastern part of Uganda.

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